Our path to transform customer's organization to data driven organization is phased and iterative.

First phase is "Business Analysis" which includes Business Requirement analysis and Business Understanding. Analytical needs of clients are evolving that requires IT to provide not just "what customers ask for?, instead transform their huge data sets into one which brings business value. So Business Analysis Phase is important step towards designing a valuable analytical solution.

Next phase is strategizing a right path for customers and helping customers choose right technologies and implementation. Our Solution Architects team work with business analysts in designing a scalable solution which intelligently addresses sustainable growth. Our solution is beyond traditional DW/ BI solution, but including intuitive analytics solution to harness the value of data.

Next is implementation phase, our development team with strong experience in all BI tools and technologies including Big Data technologies, takes care of implementation of solution. Testing plays bigger role in implementation phase, since Data Quality is utmost important in any data driven services, since many critical decisions of business are taken from results of this solution.

We recommend iterative approach of analytic solution, by starting small and implementing solution for a specific business area. This helps in testing business understanding and visualizes value it brings to business. It also helps to build and establish trust with business team. We will then move towards enterprise wise implementation.

In every phase of solution delivery our team focuses on building strong partnership and trust with business team.


NavTek specializes in wide range of BI technologies like Informatica Power Center Suite, SAP Business Objects, Microstrategy, Teradata, Oracle, Hadoop.


Informatica Power Center Suite, Actian Data Integrator, IBM Data stage, Ab Initio, Syncsort
DMExpress, Clover ETL

BI Tools:

SAP Business Objects, Microstrategy, Cognos, Tableu, Qlikview.


Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL.

MPP Technologies:

Teradata, Cloudera/ Apache Hadoop, Actian Data Rush (Rush Analytics)

Big Analytics Platform:

Teradata Aster, Netezza, Actian Vectorwise